Thursday, July 3, 2008

Enough already with the pauses, Chris Blatchford


I usually watch the local nightly news on either NBC or ABC because I think their broadcasts are more professional than the other networks. I don't always want to stay awake until 11:00 pm though (I know I know pretty pathetic) so sometimes I resort to watching the Fox news broadcast at 10:00 pm. It definitely leaves something to be desired compared to its 11:00 counterparts, but it does inform on all the bad stuff happening in SoCal and I get an extra hour of sleep so sometimes it's a worth while trade-off. I can tolerate the inordinate amount of gratuitous fluff stories and I'm fine with the B-list studio anchors, but the one thing that drives me f-ing nuts about the Fox news broadcast is investigative reporter, Chris Blatchford. More specifically it's his inability to deliver the news without using an excessive amount of unnecessary pauses. He's a well decorated television reporter (see blurb from myfoxla website below) so I'm not knocking his journalistict talent. What I don't get is why he can't close a story without using at least two or three deliberately placed pauses. Clearly he does it for effect, but for what effect? This is Chris Blatchford.............. Fox 11 News.................and I simply cannot close a story without pausing. And every time he does it he gets this stupid, let's take a few seconds to ponder the mysteries of the universe, look on his face. Chris, what the f- man? Do you talk like that all the time or just when you're on camera? Enough with the pauses already dude. It's great you've won all those Emmy's and the Peabody Award and everything, but no amount of accolades could ever justify your strange penchant for the dramatic pause. Seriously every time you wrap a story I want to punch you in your face. Maybe I do need anger management counseling and perhaps I am overly critical of other people, but I can't possibly be the only one who thinks your frequent, intentional pausing is completely f-ing asinine. Hell maybe I'm the one who's got it wrong. After all you're the one with all the awards. This is John Quinsey...............finishing up my post on Chris Blatchford.................and I may very well have just won a Pullitzer.

KTTV FOX 11 ( -- It is no wonder Chris Blatchford was once described in Daily Variety as the “highly lauded” investigative reporter from KTTV Fox 11.

He is the only Los Angeles television reporter in history to win a coveted Peabody Award for investigative journalism. Many consider the Peabody the Pulltizer Prize of broadcast journalism.

During his 20-years in Los Angeles, Blatchford has received 9 Emmy awards, 48 Emmy nominations, 10 Golden Mikes, 2 Edward R. Murrow Awards, 7 Regional Associated Press awards, 8 Los Angeles Press Club awards, and numerous other honors.

Although, he is best known for his work in the investigative area, he is arguably the only L.A. TV reporter to receive Emmys and Golden Mikes in all major categories of reporting, including: best investigative, best writing, best feature reporting, best documentary, best hard news reporting, and best news series.


Harpn4god said...

And what's with that white coat and those hands together with the thumbs straight up? He takes himself WAT too seriously. Stand up straight man!

Harpn4god said...

I mean WAY too seriously and I mean it. I know this is an old post but he's still around and this is the only post that I can find about this wack job.