Friday, August 22, 2008

National Stop the Stupid Registry

Join Me – Sign on to Support a Stop the Stupid Registry

I just signed my name onto a petition asking Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, and Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid, to support the creation of a Stop the Stupid Registry in the United States.

Please consider adding your name to the list of supporters calling for the creation of a National Stop the Stupid Registry.

Stupidity is more than just an annoyance; it's an environmental and societal crisis. Every day, inexplicable stupidity affects millions of lives in this country, creating as many bad decisions as the sum total of all bad decisions made during the entire combined presidencies of George W Bush and William J. Clinton.

We deserve the right to protect our intelligence and our ability to comprehend simple logic. We deserve rational decision making and cognitive reasoning. Sign our petition today and take back your intellectual prowess:

Thank You!

In all seriousness I think it’s time we accept the fact that the general public is generally stupid. I’m not trying to be mean or hurtful in making this statement. The fact is there are tens of thousands of people in this country far smarter than me. But in my extensive travels across the United States I’ve come to the inalienable conclusion that there are far more stupid people in this country than there are smart. I should quantify this statement by saying that I use the term stupid in a broad sense of the word. To me it encompasses not only a lack of intelligence but also things like ignorance, apathy, intolerance, obliviousness, and a lack of common sense. By this definition the general public is inundated with hordes of stupid people. Once you adopt this realization and align your expectations accordingly you will stop being constantly let down by society. It’s unrealistic to expect everyone to think, care, tolerate, perceive, and exercise logic like you. So stop expecting it. Then when you do come across someone who’s smart, enlightened, compassionate, open-minded, observant, or rational, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. It’s okay to hope for the best in people so long as you’re prepared for the worst. This approach will help you to stay grounded in reality and prevent you from becoming disillusioned by the stupid society in which we live. Jaded or just keepin it real? Probably a little bit a both.

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