Monday, January 26, 2009

Wake up and smell the coffee Blagojevich

Dear Governor Blagojevich,

Have you any idea just how pathetic you truly are? As your impeachment trial got under way this morning on the floor of the US senate you decided it would be a good idea skip the proceedings and instead hit the media circuit, making appearances on "Good Morning America" and "The View," followed by a pre-taped interview on “The Today Show”, and a live appearance on "Larry King Live." What the hell? You’re the first governor in the history of Illinois to be impeached and everyone knows you’re going to the pokey (including your high-powered defense attorney, Ed Genson, who suddenly resigned from your case) so you mine as well go out with a bang, right? Shit, you might even get a book deal out of the thing, which I’m sure is exactly what you’re angling for, you self-serving piece of shit. You’re too predictable Rod.

On both of your ABC appearances you explained why talk-show host Oprah Winfrey was a contender to fill Barack Obama's former Senate seat. Then on “The Today Show” you tossed out names like Gandhi, Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King Jr., saying they gave you "perspective" in the storm that has erupted around you.” Wait a minute. Back up the truck. Oprah Winfrey a US Senator, and Rod Blagojevich mentioned in the same breath as Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, and MLK Jr.? Now you’ve completely lost your mind.

In each of your media appearances you maintained your innocence, saying the impeachment proceedings are unfair because you are unable to call witnesses. You went on to say you are the victim of political enemies who want to raise taxes in Illinois. Dude, you tried to sell your Senate seat to the highest bidder, you got caught on tape doing it, and your prominent defense attorney just quit because he had no way to defend you. Stop saying you’re innocent and take what’s coming to you like a man.

A lot of people wonder why you don't just resign and be done with it. You said on “The View” that resigning would be "the worst thing I could do. I'm an innocent man who has not done anything wrong. And when you're wrongfully accused and you're not given the chance to properly defend yourself ... for me to resign would be to admit that I did something wrong, which I did not do." You also said that resigning would be a way for you to "disgrace" your children. Like going on morning talk shows and saying crazy, irrational shit isn’t a way to disgrace your children? Live in reality, Rod.

While you made your rounds on the New York talk show circuit the 59 members of the senate — 37 Democrats and 22 Republicans — gathered to begin considering the 13-point article of impeachment, with 40 votes needed for conviction. The senate has set aside 10 days for the trial, but given that you aren't likely to show up, it could be much quicker. In short you better pack your bags Rod and start figuring out how to make a shiv out of a toothbrush. Something tells me your fellow inmates won’t take too kindly to a whiney ex-Governor who refuses to own up to his mistakes.


The Truth

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