Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A retraction? No, an explanation for my recent post on Nancy Pelosi

My wife just read the most recent post on the Quinsey Blog entitled “You really stepped in it this time, Nancy”, and suffice it to say had a severely negative reaction. It’s not that she’s a fan of Nancy Pelosi, quite the contrary actually. Like most people I know my wife thinks Nancy Pelosi is a polarizing, if not offensive individual. She did however feel that the views expressed in my post were a) a complete over-reaction to the current political situation involving Congress, Nancy Pelosi, and the CIA and b) represented a personal attack on Nancy Pelosi herself. Normally I wouldn’t give a rat’s ass if I offended someone with the content in my blog. Shit, half the time that’s why I put it out there in the first place. But seeing as how my wife is my moral compass in this crazy, mixed up world I thought it necessary to further explain my position.

First off I have no problem whatsoever with Nancy Pelosi the person. I don’t even know Nancy Pelosi the person. She may very well be an outstanding mother, grandmother, wife, friend, philanthropist, etc. (although I doubt it) But that wasn’t my point at all. The point of the post was to criticize Nancy Pelosi the politician. I know I know. Politicians are in the business of manipulating the truth for their own personal gain and in turn for the gain of the political party they’re affiliated with. It’s what they get paid to do. But Nancy Pelosi takes it to a whole new level. She’s literally made a career out of exploiting the media to gain favor within her own political party, and at the expense of her political opponents. And in my opinion there’s nobody better at manipulating the truth than Nancy Pelosi. I therefore found it amusingly ironic when she chose to shoot herself in the foot with the very weapon she’s been using to cripple her political opponents for all these years. I then found it doubly amusing when she tried to back pedal her way out of it by clumsily blaming the Bush administration.

Here’s the deal, Nancy. First off you simply can’t accuse the CIA of lying without verifiable proof of the indiscretion. We’re not talking about your HOA or the PTA here, it’s the fucking CIA. And if you’re gonna try and dunk one over Leon Panetta you better come hard to the hole. Secondly, even if you do have proof that they lied why would you possibly want to make an enemy out of the CIA? It’s political suicide, those fuckers know everything. Lastly, if you don’t really have proof that they lied (and let’s face it you don’t) and you want to successfully back pedal your way out of the situation, why not simply apologize and explain that at your ripe age your memory isn’t quite as sharp as it used to be? (Do you really think your ignorant constituents would be scared off by a little senility? Teddy Kennedy still has a job, right?) The last thing you wanted to do was panic, blame the Bush administration, and open up that can of worms again. Just what the CIA wanted - to be reminded of the “faulty intelligence” they allegedly provided to Dubya that allowed him to manipulate congressional support for a bogus war that’s cost our nation over four thousand lives and seven hundred billion dollars amidst a global economic meltdown. Very smooth, Nancy.

In summary the post was in no way a personal attack on Nancy Pelosi, nor do I feel was it an over-reaction to a benign political situation. It was simply a satirical piece intended to poke fun at a career politician who committed an uncharacteristic political blunder then couldn’t get out of her own way trying to defend her undefendable statements.

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