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Kenny MacAskill Sucks

Below is a copy of the letter FBI Chief Robert Mueller sent to Scotland’s Justice Minister, Kenny MacAskill, in response to MacAskill’s decision to set free convicted murderer / terrorist Abdel Baset al-Megrahi. If you’ll recall Megrahi was the lone terrorist convicted for the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 in 1988, over Lockerbie, Scotland. The bombing killed 270 people, most of them Americans. In my opinion Mr. Mueller’s letter to MacAskill was far too kind. That being said at the bottom of this post is a letter I wrote to Kenny MacAskill. I think you’ll find it hits the mark just a bit better.


For Immediate Release
August 22, 2009

Washington D.C.
FBI National Press Office
(202) 324-3691

Letter from FBI Director Robert S. Mueller, III, to Scottish Minister Kenny MacAskill

August 21, 2009

The Honorable Kenny MacAskill, MSP
Cabinet Secretary for Justice
Scottish Government
St. Andrew's House
Regent Road
Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

Dear Mr. Secretary:

Over the years I have been a prosecutor, and recently as the Director of the FBI, I have made it a practice not to comment on the actions of other prosecutors, since only the prosecutor handling the case has all the facts and the law before him in reaching the appropriate decision.

Your decision to release Megrahi causes me to abandon that practice in this case. I do so because I am familiar with the facts, and the law, having been the Assistant Attorney General in charge of the investigation and indictment of Megrahi in 1991. And I do so because I am outraged at your decision, blithely defended on the grounds of "compassion."

Your action in releasing Megrahi is as inexplicable as it is detrimental to the cause of justice. Indeed your action makes a mockery of the rule of law. Your action gives comfort to terrorists around the world who now believe that regardless of the quality of the investigation, the conviction by jury after the defendant is given all due process, and sentence appropriate to the crime, the terrorist will be freed by one man's exercise of "compassion." Your action rewards a terrorist even though he never admitted to his role in this act of mass murder and even though neither he nor the government of Libya ever disclosed the names and roles of others who were responsible.

Your action makes a mockery of the emotions, passions and pathos of all those affected by the Lockerbie tragedy: the medical personnel who first faced the horror of 270 bodies strewn in the fields around Lockerbie, and in the town of Lockerbie itself; the hundreds of volunteers who walked the fields of Lockerbie to retrieve any piece of debris related to the breakup of the plane; the hundreds of FBI agents and Scottish police who undertook an unprecedented global investigation to identify those responsible; the prosecutors who worked for years--in some cases a full career--to see justice done.

But most importantly, your action makes a mockery of the grief of the families who lost their own on December 21, 1988. You could not have spent much time with the families, certainly not as much time as others involved in the investigation and prosecution. You could not have visited the small wooden warehouse where the personal items of those who perished were gathered for identification--the single sneaker belonging to a teenager; the Syracuse sweatshirt never again to be worn by a college student returning home for the holidays; the toys in a suitcase of a businessman looking forward to spending Christmas with his wife and children.

You apparently made this decision without regard to the views of your partners in the investigation and prosecution of those responsible for the Lockerbie tragedy. Although the FBI and Scottish police, and prosecutors in both countries, worked exceptionally closely to hold those responsible accountable, you never once sought our opinion, preferring to keep your own counsel and hiding behind opaque references to "the need for compassion."

You have given the family members of those who died continued grief and frustration. You have given those who sought to assure that the persons responsible would be held accountable the back of your hand. You have given Megrahi a "jubilant welcome" in Tripoli, according to the reporting. Where, I ask, is the justice?

Sincerely yours,

Robert S. Mueller, III


For Immediate Release
September 4, 2009

The Basement of My House
Quinsey Blog Press Office
(800) GET-BENT

Letter from Quinsey Blog Director John D. Quinsey, I, to Scottish Minister Kenny MacAskill

September 3, 2009

The Detestable Kenny MacAskill, MSP
Cabinet Secretary for Egregious Injustice
Scottish Government
St. Andrew's House
Regent Road
Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

Dear Ass Hat:

Since I established this blog in June of last year I’ve written about a number of different misguided douche bags and the reprehensible decisions they’ve made for which they have no defense. You however just might win the prize for exercising the inexplicably poorest judgment on an international stage. What the fuck were you thinking? Setting free a convicted mass murderer so he can go home to die of cancer at peace with family and friends by his bedside? Not to mention the fact that he received a hero’s welcome upon his return to Libya. I hope you’re happy with yourself, Kenny.

Did you even once stop to consider how your decision would make the friends and family members of the 270 people who perished on Pan Am Flight 103 feel? You might as well have brought all 270 of the deceased back to life and killed them all over again. Seriously, how big of an asshole are you? You freed Megrahi on the grounds of “compassion”. Where was the “compassion” the day he willfully and ruthlessly murdered 270 innocent victims on Pan Am Flight 103? A piece of shit like Megrahi doesn’t deserve compassion. He deserves exactly what’s coming to him and nothing more. Let me ask you this, Kenny? Did Megrahi’s 270 victims get the opportunity to die at home with their friends and family members by their side? No, they were forced to die in a burning plane, scared and alone. So please remind me again Kenny, why Megrahi deserves our “compassion”. Shit, I’d cut off my right arm before extending it to help a dog like Megrahi to his feet. And I have a hard time grasping how anyone else would feel differently, lest a justice minister like yourself.

Which leads one to believe that your decision had very little to do with “compassion” and much more to do with Scotland and England’s oil interests in Libya. If this is indeed the case and all signs point to the fact that it is, know this. There’s blood on your hands Kenny, and blood on the hands of anyone else involved in the making of this decision. I hope you have a hard time sleeping and that you lie awake at night pondering the true malice of your actions. I used to think of Scotland as a land of great tradition with lush landscapes and wonderfully challenging golf courses. Now I’ll think of Scotland as a country of low moral standards with a corrupt government and elected officials who’d gladly sell out their brothers to make a buck. Way to single-handedly ruin the public perception of your entire country, Kenny.

And while on the topic of nationalistic perceptions allow me to chime in on my impressions of Libya. Seriously, a hero’s welcome for a convicted mass murderer? What’s wrong with you, Libya? Bad enough you have a deranged lunatic (Muammar al-Gadafi – yep, that guy) running your country… and now this. Well done Libya, you have truly hit a new low even for you. Something tells me that the fallout from this latest display will likely do irreparable harm to your relations with the West. Your actions were abhorrent and completely indefensible. Enjoy the next century of trade embargos, you dumb fucks. In a very predictable move Ali Aujali, the Libyan ambassador to Washington, came out with a statement saying that Megrahi’s welcoming was not a hero’s welcome for a convicted murderer, but instead a celebration of the homecoming of a dying man who most of Libya believes to be innocent. He even went so far as to say that most of those on the tarmac cheering for Megrahi upon his return were actually members of his extended family and tribe (the crowd was estimated in the thousands which would mean Megrahi has the single largest living extended family in the entire history of the world). Nice try Ali, but nobody’s buying it. Following the Lockerbie bombing in 1988 an extensive investigation was conducted over a period of many months involving over a thousand government, military, and law enforcement personnel from several different countries (including England, Scotland, and the United States). Megrahi’s guilt was proven in a court of law beyond the shadow of a doubt. And I don’t care how you try to spin it, Ali – Libya’s celebration of Megrahi’s return was flat out wrong, albeit not completely unexpected.

Now back to you, Kenny. By freeing Megrahi you caused the detestable celebration of a convicted mass murderer in Libya, which in my book makes you equally detestable. Perhaps you should move to Libya yourself and live amongst the dogs who might more appreciate a man of your moral stature, or lack there of. In summary Kenny, any good you have done throughout your entire miserable existence on this earth (and I doubt there’s been much) was just nullified by your inexplicably bad decision to set free Abdel Baset al-Megrahi. And I don’t care if you were pressured to do so by the Scottish government, or the British parliament, or even Allah himself. You were the trigger man responsible for this egregious injustice so you are the one who must answer for it. May your pasty white ass be chafed by your ridiculous man skirt (or kilt as you Scots like to call it), may you create foul music on your equally ridiculous bagpipes, and may you choke on your disgustingly warm beer, you worthless piece of Scottish shit.

Sarcastically yours,

John D. Quinsey, I
Quinsey Blog Director

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