Friday, December 4, 2009

Name Those Headlines

Remember the "Bid-A-Note" round on the popular 80's game show "Name That Tune"? The host would read a clue to a song, and the players would then alternate bidding as to how few notes they needed to identify the song (as in "I can name that tune in six notes"). Bidding ended when one contestant finally challenged the other to "Name That Tune".

Well, for no apparent reason whatsoever I've decided to create a spin-off of that game right here on my blog. The purpose of my game is to see in how few words you can effectively summarize the top three headlines of the week while at the same time creating a common theme for all three headlines. I'll of course go first because I'm the creator of the game and readers can then chime in with comments to see if they can beat me. But remember the words you choose MUST effectively (and hopefully humorously) summarize the stories, and they MUST all follow a common theme. This week's stories include: 1) The Tiger Woods Scandal, 2) The White House party crashers, and 3) Chelsea Clinton's pending nuptials. Hey - this is my blog - I can pick whatever stories I want as the top three headlines. I never said they had to be the most important stories of the week or even the most interesting. Now on to the game:

This week I can summarize the top three headlines in 9 words.

Mr. Quinsey: "Name Those Headlines"

1) Tiger loses roar

2) Cougar craves attention

3) Dog finds bone

I'm such an asshole. Let's see if anyone else can do better.

Good Luck.

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