Thursday, July 22, 2010

Don't F With My Crew

I was doing some routine maintenance on my blog today when I discovered something very disturbing. Someone named “John” left an anonymous comment on my post entitled “Global Warming, Unicorns, and Attractive Fat People” from August 10, 2009. The comment was posted back in January but I just now noticed it. The fact that it was a negative comment is not the disturbing part – I get negative comments on a regular basis (shocker I know). The disturbing part is that the comment contained hurtful statements about one of my children (who are 9 & 10 years old) referring to them by name. I’m not even going to dignify the comment by restating exactly what it said but believe me when I say it was very hurtful.

I get it – I make inflammatory statements on this blog all the time and I’m also one twisted SOB. It’s only natural that certain people are going to be offended by the things that I write and feel compelled to lash out. Wonderful - it’s your First Amendment right to express your opinion and I strongly encourage you to do so. Shit – I’ll even help you get personal if you’re so inclined.

What a douche bag that John Quinsey is. He thinks he’s so smart. Did you know he graduated from San Diego State? A real scholarly institution there, huh? And look at how short he is, ha ha, no wonder he loves midgets so much. And check out his hair – almost completely gray and he’s just 36 years old – what a freak. And have you seen his profile picture on Facebook (included at top of post for your reference)? How vain do you have to be to post a picture like that? What a tool. And did you know that he regularly screams at umpires and referees during youth sporting events? That dude’s got some serious issues.

You could say all of these things and more and it would do nothing but put a huge smile on my face. I put this blog out there for all to see with my name on it. You don’t like it? Let me have it. Send me a nasty e-mail (my e-mail address can be accessed through the profile link on this page). Leave a scathing comment ripping me a new one. Create your own blog and call it “John Quinsey Sucks”. Or rent some billboard space in downtown LA to advertise what a horrible person I am. You can attack ME in any manner you like – I’m the author of this blog and I alone should be the target of your ire. I've intentionally put myself out there and I honestly couldn’t care less what you say about ME. But when you make a hurtful statement about one of my children referring to them by name then you’ve definitely crossed the line.

This is me calling you out publicly, “John”. You obviously know who I am and know exactly where to find me. Stop hiding behind your words and be a man. A respectable person would never leave a comment like that, and worse yet leave it anonymously. I hope you read this post and it causes you to reevaluate just what kind of a person you are. I may be an asshole but at least I’m a respectable asshole with honor and integrity. You are a cowardly little bitch who picks on defenseless children.

I normally love this blog but not today. Today it just makes me sad. Thanks a lot, “John”.

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ddorsey486 said...

You know how these cowards are, the punk will just post another anonymous message to goad you. I hope he screws up and you find out who it is ... I'm sure you will deal with whoever it is if you find them.