Thursday, February 24, 2011

The End Of The Quinsey Blog?

I was asked to delete a post the other day and begrudgingly I obliged. It’s not that I don’t stand behind what I wrote (I do) or think it was wrong to post (it wasn’t), but leaving it out there was putting someone else in a precarious position so I felt compelled to comply. That said I feel the integrity of this blog has now been breached so I’m shutting it down effective immediately…

Did you believe me? Good – you shouldn’t have. I love this feather-ruffling bullhorn way too much to ever shut it down. You can censor me, but never silence me. And while I’m on here I might as well share some recent thoughts that have been on my mind (in no particular order of importance):

1) Why are shipping/mail stores always owned by Middle Eastern people and liquor stores always owned by Asians? Is it mandated in a super secret handbook somewhere?

2) Am I the only one who thinks the B-52’s are the worst band ever? Whenever I hear “Love Shack” I want to break things and hurt people.

3) The other day at the mall I noticed a sign for plus-sized “skinny jeans”. Huh?

4) Why do those glum bastards in first class always look down at you as you pass by on your way to coach? We all know the only reason you’re there is because you fly too much.

5) When did pomegranate become such a popular flavor for every product imaginable? I don’t remember anything pomegranate flavored when I was a kid except for pomegranates.

6) Why does everything in infomercials always cost $19.99 and why do you always get two? There’s no way the cost of a vacuum cleaner that cuts hair is the same as a bag of super-absorbent dish towels.

7) Don’t you hate people who say, “Oh, I haven’t seen that show, I rarely watch television.” Like you’re better than me because you read books and converse with your family at night - screw you.

8) Why does Jay Sean love himself so much?

9) I have nothing but love and respect for Dick Clark but man is he uncomfortable to watch during his Rockin’ New Year’s Eve specials. Why does the network insist on putting him out there when he can barely formulate a sentence?

10) You know that song, “The Freshman” by the Verve Pipe? Great tune, right? Google the meaning and you might not think so anymore. Man – that’s some fucked up shit.

Until next time,

The Quinsey Blog

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