Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Transgender Prom Queen?

Andrew Viveros had his wish become a reality when he was crowned McFatter High School's prom queen on Friday night. Viveros, who for the past two years has gone by the name Andii, is a transgender who fought to get his name on the prom queen ballot. He is the first transgender to be named prom queen at a public school in the United States. "I was in shock," Viveros said. "I was just smiling." Viveros received the most votes over 14 girls for the coveted title at the Davie, Fla., technical school. A few students didn't think Viveros should have been allowed to compete for the title and started a petition to get his name off the ballot for prom queen. Viveros, who is also president of the school's Gay-Straight Alliance, wrote a speech to the school board to explain why he had a right to run. "Why would I run for prom king? I'll have to wear a tux, which I'm not going to do," Viveros said. "I'm going to wear an evening gown." The prom king, Juan Macias (pictured with Viveros at top of post), is also a member of the Gay-Straight Alliance (really? I never would have guessed :). Viveros' parents were also proud of their child's accomplishment. He's my child and I'm going to love him no matter what," Viveros' mom, Bernadette Viveros said. Now, Andii hopes his crown and sash helps pave the way for other teens like him. "It can open up doors for others who don't have a lot of encouragement," Viveros said.

Hmmm. Although I’m 100% in favor of gay marriage and for equal treatment under the law for all homosexuals, I have a big problem with a transgender prom queen. If we all go the way of McFatter High School and allow men (I’m sorry but if you have a penis you’re a dude – regardless of what you call yourself or what you wear to the prom) to compete as women, where do we draw the line? Will “tuckers” suddenly be allowed to compete in the WNBA, or on the LPGA Tour, and what about in the Olympics? Who cares about the sexual organs God gave us, right? In this new era of tolerance and enlightenment we should all get to decide what gender we’re going to live (and compete) as. It’s the only “fair” thing to do. Transformational programs like affirmative action and Title IX have afforded all kinds of new rights to minorities and women, so why not afford the same rights to transgenders?

I consider myself a fairly open-minded person but at some point we need to stop the insanity. What the hell were the Davie, FL, school board members thinking allowing a dude to run for prom queen? And what the hell were the students who elected him thinking? The fact that they also elected a homosexual male prom king tells me that they were trying to make a statement. If that was their intention mission accomplished. And the statement they made is loud and clear: while society is an ever-changing and evolving beast, we must be careful not to let taking the moral high ground blur the precarious line between what is right and what is wrong.

Although he is pretty hot (barf).

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