Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The De-Evolution of Mankind

If you really stop and think about it the human race is nothing short of miraculous. Out of the ashes we rose some 200,000 years ago (if you believe in the theory of evolution – if not you’re insane and I can’t help you) and have accomplished truly great things ever since. As I contemplate a random sampling of mankind’s greatest achievements, I can’t help but be moved and inspired:

• There are the philosophical teachings of Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle, whose influences molded and shaped science as we know it today

• The great literary works of William Shakespeare, who centuries before Freud and Jung, dissected human psychology presenting it as both comedy and tragedy

• There’s Stonehenge where enormous boulders weighing several tons each were stacked upon one another WITHOUT the aid of mechanical devices

• The Seven Wonders of the World including the Great Pyramid of Giza which literally defies modern science

• There’s the great innovator Louis Pasteur, who developed vaccines which significantly extended human life expectancy

• Newton’s laws of universal gravitation which took physics a giant leap forward into the future

• There’s the Declaration of Human Rights introduced by the U.S. Constitution, which forever changed the world and civilized society

• Einstein’s theory of relativity which completely revolutionized modern day physics

• There’s the Wright brothers who took to the sky and became the pioneers of powered flight

• And space travel which put the very first man on the surface of the moon

I know - It’s a lot to take in all at once. Your mind fills up like a balloon until you exhale and let it flow through you. Then the pride rushes in and you can’t help but feel gratitude to be part of the greatest species on earth…

Until you see a photo like this (sent to me by a buddy from his recent RV trip to San Diego) and it all goes to shit:

Seriously, who pissed in the gene pool? (At least he’s not a Republican)

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