Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Five People Who Need A Sock Full Of Nickels Upside The Head

When did the American public’s fascination with dim-witted, self-absorbed, no-talent hacks like you begin? And how do we make you go away?

Racial ambulance chasing just never gets old… but it does. Look up ‘tired act’ in the dictionary and there’s a picture of you, Al.

Really any of the current GOP presidential candidates could be inserted here (and I’m a registered Republican), but I picked you because you suck so damn bad at debating. I’m honestly a little embarrassed for you.

For wearing that dress at your age? Nope – for calling the Pope a nazi. What the hell were you thinking? The Catholic Church is like the Roman mafia – better watch your ass, Sarandon.

Not really a person but the Westboro Baptist Church is perhaps the most deserving candidate on the list. There’s a special place in hell for crazy, hate-mongering zealots like you.

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