Tuesday, October 18, 2011

What's Wrong With You China?

Last Thursday, a two-year-old girl crossing the street by herself in the city of Foshan in China’s southern Guangdong Province, was hit by a van. The driver paused briefly as the defenseless child lay trapped between his front and rear wheels writhing in pain, then sped off, squashing her fragile body a second time.

Soon after a second vehicle rolled over the girl, flattening her tiny legs, the driver presumably unaware that a human body lay in the road. The second driver also did not stop.

As if both these assaults on humanity were not egregious enough, 18 more people – on foot, on motorbikes, and on bicycles – passed by the little girl, lying in a pool of her own blood, and did NOTHING. One man on a motor scooter had to swerve to avoid running over her twitching, mangled little body. Even a mother with her own child purposely ignored the victim.

A video of the incident captured by surveillance cameras was immediately posted on-line. Note: do yourself a favor and do NOT watch it. As a father and a human being I was absolutely sickened by the images of this helpless little girl fighting for her life, while callous on-lookers stood by and did nothing.

SEVEN minutes rolled by like an eternity until one Good Samaritan finally stepped up and took action. A woman collecting trash noticed the little girl lying broken in the street, picked up her now limp body, and moved her to the side of the road. She then asked passers-by who the girl belonged to, and eventually the mother appeared (distraught) to claim her daughter named Yueyue.

This story, which has been a leading headline on all of China’s news sites the past few days, touched a nerve in the country. Many have pointed to a lack of moral standards which have come to define modern day China, and a general disregard for fellow human beings now prevalent in the most populous country in the world.

When interviewed by police the first driver said, “If she is dead, I may pay only about 20,000 yuan (equivalent to $3,125 USD). But if she is injured, it may cost me hundreds of thousands yuan." You just fatally wounded a two-year-old child and you’re worried about money, you heartless piece of shit? If I ever get the opportunity to run you over with my car, I’m in.

Yueyue, meanwhile, is in critical condition with serious brain injuries, breathing only with the help of a ventilator. Doctors do not expect her to live.

Which begs the question: what’s wrong with you China? You’ve become the uncontested economic super power of the world but at what cost? Can we not deduce from this incident that you’re nothing more than a nation of 1.34 billion soulless robots, which lack the compassion and humanity to help a dying child in need? Shame on you people of Guangdong Province – you’re a disgrace to decent human beings everywhere. Rest assured absurdly large population of China, developers in hell are currently working overtime on expansion, so that they may accommodate your wayward spirits in the afterlife.

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