Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Post 200: The Epiphany Moment

This marks the 200th post of the Quinsey Blog.  Someone once commented that they don’t know why I spend time writing on this blog when it’s only viewed by me and my 29 like-minded followers.  While there is definitely some truth in this statement, my response is that I don’t do it for other people, I do it for me.  The Quinsey Blog is the place I come to collect my thoughts, to creatively express myself, and most importantly to get stuff off my chest.  At least that’s how it started out.  Someone else (besides my wife) recently told me that my blog is VERY offensive.  While I don’t mind the criticism, I felt compelled to revisit the archives.  As I read through my historical posts all I could think was wow - I said some pretty hurtful stuff (especially towards fat people).  I can only surmise that at some point an alter ego was inadvertently created and took over this blog for a period of time.  That alter ego then took the Quinsey Blog in a direction I never wanted it to go.  Now that I’ve had some time away to regain perspective, I can assure you I’ve got nothing but love for everyone (including all you wide bodies out there J).  Moving forward I promise to keep the alter ego at bay.  You will now see a new, enlightened version of the Quinsey Blog with more tolerance and less cynicism.  But first please allow me to get a few things off my chest:

·        Have you seen those ridiculous shoes w/ toes built into them?  They’re like the CROCs of the sport’s world.  They may be comfortable and they may give you extra traction, but boy do you look like an asshole wearing them. 
·        Would attractive, young ladies please stop calling me sir?  I realize I have wrinkles, gray hair, and a noticeably widening bald spot on the top of my head, but I honestly feel no different than when I was 18.  I swear every time I hear the word sir I die a little on the inside.     

·        You know those assholes on the freeway who spray washer fluid on their windshields at 80 miles per hour right in front of you (inevitably every time you’ve gotten your car washed)?  Yeah, I fucking hate them. 

·        Speaking of self-centered assholes how about the people who take an excessive amount of time de-boarding planes?  Yeah take your time buddy, there’s just 300 people behind you eager to get off the fucking plane.  No worries though, we’ll wait.

·        Fact: Just because you own a Prius doesn’t make you an earth-loving environmentalist.  Quit judging those of us who drive single digit MPG SUV’s and just admit the truth – gas is expensive and you’re fucking cheap.
·        If I see one more person post a yoga-posing picture on Facebook I might lose my mind.  We get it, you’re flexible.  Quit showing off.

·        I read recently that Donald Sterling is now the most hated person in America, over-taking the title from Justin Bieber.  That’s a mistake in my opinion – he’ll be dead in a couple years.  With Bieber we have a whole lifetime of hate in front of us.  Zac Efron has muscles and a mild drug problem – there’s a teen idol I can get behind.  Bieber’s got the body of a 12-year old girl and a shitty attitude.  Put a shirt on and go fuck yourself, Biebs. 

·        Attention all cross-fitters (especially the ones who work out in the park by my house):  Cults come in all different sizes and shapes.  Just sayin.

·        Irony: Have you ever noticed how old people take their time doing everything (driving, ordering food, having a conversation, etc.)?  You’d think given the relative short amount of time they have left they might want to speed things up a bit.

·        Can we all just admit that minivans are the sweatpants of the automobile world?  Quit rationalizing how convenient they are for carpool and just admit the truth – you’ve given up.

You didn’t really believe all that sensitivity crap I wrote at the beginning of this post?  The Quinsey Blog – keepin it real since 2008. 

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