Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Naked Woman Leads New Mexico Police on 100 MPH Chase

It’s Super Tuesday #3.  Donald Trump is leading the Republican primary and Hilary Clinton is leading the Democratic primary.  This means it’s highly likely that one of these two completely miserable human beings will be leading our country for the next 4 years.  It’s enough to make you lose your faith in humanity.  But then you see a story like this that warms your heart and puts a smile on your face, and you know that everything is going to be okay.

SANTA FE, N.M. - Sheriff's deputies in Santa Fe, New Mexico, arrested a naked woman Saturday morning after law enforcement said she crashed her car into a pickup truck during a high-speed pursuit.  Police received reports of a woman throwing items from a vehicle just before noon.  The driver, identified as Barbara Arellano, 51, did not pull over when deputies attempted a traffic stop.  Deputies chased the car as it ran red lights and reached speeds of 100 mph before plowing into a pick-up truck.  Arrellano then bounded out of her Toyota 4-wheel-drive vehicle and ran screaming across traffic toward deputies.  The woman shouted "Jehovah, Jehovah," as deputies tried to subdue and handcuff her.  She fought and spit at deputies while they tried to restrain her.  A motorist stopped and provided a blue tarp to cover the naked woman as deputies wrestled with her. She was then put into the back of a patrol car, where she continued yelling "Jehovah!"  Deputies had to put a mask over Arellano's head because she continued spitting on them.  The entire bizarre incident was captured on dash-cam and body cameras (do yourself a favor and google that shit).  Arrellano has been charged with one aggravated count of fleeing a law enforcement officer, as well as reckless driving, DWI and two counts of battery on a peace officer.  While being questioned she told officers she had ingested heroin, pills and whiskey while "partying like a damn dog."

But the coup de gras came when she was asked by police why she was naked.  Her response: “I was hot.”  Instant fucking classic.  Faith in humanity restored.  You’re welcome.

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